Loudspeaker and Amplifier Testing

Sound system designers use computer-modeling programs to select and place loudspeakers in a room. These programs must have accurate component specifications for both loudspeakers and amplifiers. These assure accurate coverage and sound pressure level estimates.

Some manufacturers do this testing themselves. Others prefer to use an independent test lab. Third-party testing assures a level playing field for comparing and selecting audio products.

Independent Electro-acoustic Testing Lab

Pro Sound Testing, Inc. is an independent test lab. We provide audio and acoustic testing services for the professional audio industry. We provide CTA-2006-D amplifier certification testing for the automotive industry.

We can produce EASE® GLL and Common Loudspeaker Format CLF data files for room modeling programs, as well as other proprietary formats. Our sibling, Synergetic Audio Concepts, Inc. provides training for the professional audio industry.

Product Testing


Sensitivity, Impedance, Polars, Balloons, Power Handling

Audio Power Amplifiers

File Generation


Common Loudspeaker Format (CLF)

Complex array files for EASE® and CATT-Acoustic®

Room Acoustics

T30 and other ISO-3382 Measures

Environmental Noise / Sound Transmission Class

Speech Intelligibility

Proud supporter of the Common Loudspeaker and Common Amplifier file formats.

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