Amplifier Specifications

Amplifiers and loudspeakers go together like peas and carrots. It is only natural that a loudspeaker testing service also be involved in amplifier testing. Using only power ratings, amplifiers that are very different can appear to be the same. There’s much more to it than that.

  • What are the important metrics?
  • What’s the most meaningful way to present them?
  • What differentiates one amplifier from another?

This led to the development of the Common Amplifier Format – “CAF”

What’s the CAF?

The Common Amplifier Format (CAF) is a container for presenting standard specifications and measured performance metrics for audio power amplifiers.

Who is it for?

The CAF is for anyone who selects and deploys audio power amplifiers, or just wants to better understand how amplifiers work. Designed for use in SynAudCon training programs, it will also benefit contractors, consultants, students, or anyone who wants a more complete picture of an amplifier’s performance. We often test prototypes for manufacturers to aid in design, setting limiters, etc.

Please visit the CAF website for further information on amplifier specifications, a freeware data viewer/calculator, and some free instructional videos on how amplifiers work.

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