Sample CLF Data Files

These are files used in class examples in SynAudCon training seminars.

To download a file, click on the file name. 

112H.CF2326.54 KB
112H_Array.CF2326.98 KB
112H_Oreo.CF2326.98 KB
AtlasIED_AH66.CF2327.64 KB
Bose_MA12.CF2328.76 KB
Epique_CBT24.CF2328.4 KB
Frazier_CAT40.CF2327.31 KB
Frazier_CAT59.CF2326.98 KB
Frazier_CAT76.CF2328.73 KB
JBL_112H.CF2326.54 KB
Yamaha_CBR12_v(1,0).CF2326.71 KB
Yamaha_CBR15_v(1,1).CF2452.18 KB

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